Compliance with legal requirements is an important part of any business. Environmental compliance is especially important to ensure the long term acceptability of dairy farming as a land use.

Effluent Management  Compliance  Backflow Photo
  • Not all resource consents are the same. Some older consents will not list all the conditions in this checklist. It’s a good idea to read this checklist in conjunction with your individual consent
  • You must remain compliant with your consent requirements every day – regardless of the time of year, weather, breakdowns or staffing issues
  • Ensure you have a plan in place to cope with all of the above scenarios
  • Enforcement action is considered on a case-by-case basis, and specific factors, such as a breach during times of flood, will be taken into account during enforcement decision making
  • Make sure all staff on your farm know the rules, are fully trained in the operation and maintenance of the effluent system, and know what to do and who to contact if the system breaks down
  • Always aim for good practice rather than just achieving compliance.


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