Effluent Pumps

At Think water Canterbury we supply, install and maintain a wide variety of effluent pumps. We understand these pumps are the heartbeat of the effluent system whether it's for agriculture, residential or commercial.


The original Yardmaster® Effluent Pump is a high speed irrigation pump, ideal for green water with solids and floating frame applications.

  • Non-clog impeller partially macerates soft materials so that solids will not pass into the line and cause blockages. The Yardmaster will also pump solids such as sand and gravel, is self-priming and can run dry.
  • Deflecting shaft can move up to 1/2" either side of the centre which allows the impeller to "walk" over obstacles until cleared.
  • The smaller model Yardmasters have a by-pass that agitates the liquid and solids around the pump head so that the solids are continually taken up with liquid. This by-pass also functions as a secondary inlet whilst the impeller cuts away the lumps which may temporarily have obstructed the main flow. Fluid velocity in the line is maintained.
  • The Heavy Duty bearings sit above the liquid level. This feature makes them trouble free and long wearing.
  • The motor is supplied mounted on top of the pump, away from any moisture or obstruction. No special fittings or guards are needed. Pumps can be provided for belt driven, hydraulic, air, petrol and diesel power drive.
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions

Sabre Effluent Pumps duties form 11m3h to 40m3h.

  • Low power requirement compared to many existing centrifugal pumps used on dairy effluent – it is quite possible to drop from a 15kW motor to a 5.5kW motor on some applications
  • Low internal speeds for less wear and longer life in abrasive applications. The RPM of the Sabre pumps are many times less then centrifugal pumps
  • Sabre pumps are shore mounted – no dangerous floating pontoons or walkways
  • Flows to 54m³/h (higher flows available on request)
  • Pressures to 115m (higher pressures available on request)
  • Constant flow rates regardless of varying pressures – application rates are kept constant
  • Supplied in 2 configurations:
  • Base Pump:
    • Includes the pump, gearbox, motor and baseplate
    • Standard shaft seal is a Silicon carbide vs silicon carbide mechanical seal (packed gland available on request)
    • Pump materials of construction are cast iron body, hard chrome plated stainless steel shaft and rotor and nitrile stato
  • Packaged Pumpset (as above and also includes the following):
    • Dry run protection
    • High & low pressure cut-out
    • Motor overload protection
    • Visual and audible alarm
    • 3m cable with IP65 PDL plug for ease of installation.
    • Designed as a ‘Plug and Pump unit’ (connect the inlet and outlet of the pump, plug it in and turn it on)
    • Minimises electrical onsite cost


Grundfos Unilift

Unilift KP, AP pumps are submersible drainage pumps suitable for both temporary and permanent free-standing installation. They can be used for pumping drain water or grey wastewater. They are also suitable for installation in collecting tanks

Technical data

  • Max flow rate: 62/140 GPM
  • Max total dynamic head: 32/52 feet
  • Max particle size: .4/2 inch
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Efficient grinder system
  • Watertight cable plug
  • Quick removal system


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