Think Water are Canterbury's trusted providers in irrigation technology. We take the time to understand your property and your needs, using our vast experience and product range to provide ideal solutions.

Irrigation Solutions

No two properties are the same, which is why we have a full offering of irrigation systems designed for a number of applications.

Pivot and Linear

The leading method of crop and pasture irrigation in many areas, pivot systems boast up to 95% efficiency in water dispersion and their cost is relatively low.

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Solid Set (Fixed Grid)

Suited for irregular shaped blocks or hard to water areas, properly planned solid-set systems lend themselves to their low labour requirement.

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Sub-Surface Drip

Drip irrigation systems are the most advanced and efficient, however, user knowledge plays a big part in maximising their potential. With proper consultation and soil analysis we’re able to design systems best-suited for cost and water efficiency.

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K-Line and Long Lateral

Known as a low-cost, high-labour system, K-lines and long lateral irrigation involves towing sprinklers across the area you want to irrigate. Cost-effective and scalable, they’re suited to steeper terrain, lifestyle blocks and construction sites.

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Hard-Hose Gun

A continuous move irrigation system that uses a high-volume gun to disperse water, hard hose guns offer great flexibility as they can be used across a number of crops and fields.

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Garden Irrigation

For the avid home gardener, we have everything from drip lines and sprinklers to fully automated irrigation systems to maintain your patch of Eden.

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Need help finding the right irrigation solution?

It’s important to consider what you’re irrigating and where it’s located when upgrading irrigation systems. Some systems are better suited to different applications, crops and soil types so it’s important to plan carefully before investing.

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