Hard Hose Gun Irrigation

The Hard Hose Traveller is a continuous move irrigation system that uses a high-volume gun sprinkler or boom, most often used for supplementary irrigation.

Irrigation   Hard Hose Gun

Hard Hose Gun Irrigation Features

The typical gun discharges 50 to 120 m3/hr, with a diameter of 50 to 120 meters. The gun is mounted on a wheeled cart, connected to a high density PE hose, ranging from 40mm to 140mm diameter. The length of the PE hose ranges from 110 up to 650 meters. The main unit is in a fixed position during irrigation.

How Hard Hose Gun Irrigation Works

The irrigation water, under pressure, drives a turbine which turns the drum that rewinds the hose. As the drum slowly rewinds the PE hose, the gun cart is pulled toward the main unit, and irrigates while being pulled. The speed of rewind determines the speed of the gun, which in turn determines the water application rate.

Once the traveller is in operation, it can irrigate unattended in an area equal to the length of the hose by the wetted diameter of the gun. This could be an area up to 5 hectare per run.

When the run is completed, the traveller is moved to the next position, the hose and gun cart are pulled into the field, and the next section is irrigated.


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Pros and cons of Hard hose Gun

Note: Hard Hose Travellers generally require higher working pressures and are used for supplemental irrigation. With the ability to cover odd shaped fields, most soil types, and a variety of crops and crop heights, they offer a great deal of flexibility.Hard Hose Travellers can be used on vegetables, taller crops such as corn and sugar, and even in orchards.

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