Reinke Centre Pivots

Reinke Centre Pivots

With superior engineering and structural steel, meet our new center pivot brand, Reinke. Reinke center pivots allow for performance and durability like no other brand on the market, and with production starting in 1968, Reinke has been continuously improving their technology to get the best results for the users of their systems.


  • Topped with a corrosion-resistant, domed aluminum collector reel
  • Heavy-duty full sweep, 90˚ elbows at the bottom and top of the riser pipe minimize friction loss
  • Hook-and-receiver pipe joint connection provides unparalleled rotational movement and flexibility
  • High-strength 18” pivot center bearing. Uses .25" thick, close-fit tubing supported with eight strategically placed gussets
  • Riser gasket sets against a stainless steel wear sleeve, creating a long-lasting seal
  • Optional pivot center walkway
  • 6," 8" or 10" riser pipe available with eye level pressure gauge
  • Corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum main control panel enclosure with a pneumatic strut that holds the door open even on the windiest day
  • 8” x 3” x 1.25" roll-formed, C-channel legs for unparalleled strength and durability
  • Easily retrofitted to any competitive pivot pad when the need to upgrade existing equipment is required
  • Easily accessible, adjustable-height, main control panel mount

Benefits of Reinke

Single Leg Tower

​The more stress that’s diverted away from the water pipe, the better. That’s why we attach 7.5cm diameter, galvanized stiffeners to the bottom of the trussing instead of directly to the water pipe. Stress is distributed more evenly to the entire span and, most importantly, pipe longevity gets a giant boost.

Hook and Receiver

The most efficient place to rotate within a cylinder is directly in the center, which is exactly where we placed our hook-and-receiver joint. It enables maximum flexibility across challenging terrain. Even when the span needs to roll slightly, it won’t affect alignment. Plus, the internal joint allows the boot to flex without being excessively stretched, furthering longevity.

Double Walled Tower Box

​Reinke’s exclusive double-walled tower box provides a moisture-free environment for electrical components — it’s the last place you’ll ever find condensation. ​Its high quality, UV-resistant materials and unique design make for the strongest, longest lasting tower box in the industry. Finally, thanks to a mechanical safety interlock, no one can remove the cover without first disconnecting power to the tower.

V-Ring Seal

The Reinke V-ring seal creates stronger, flange-to-flange contact (instead of flange-plastic-flange) and combines the strength of two connected steel flanges (instead of interrupting the strength of steel with a plastic T-gasket). Plus, connected flanges won’t sag or settle and create potential weak spots that mean future repairs.

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