Water Pumps

Whether it’s a small water pump for your bach or a 500kw pumping system for the whole town, we can supply the most cost effective and efficient pump for your needs. We consider everything from product life cycles to power consumption and technological requirements when recommending and supplying any water system.

Water Pump Solutions

The driving force behind your entire irrigation system, reliable pumps ensure an efficient supply of water. We supply pumps for all kinds of applications, tailoring solutions to each operation.

Residential and Lifestyle

For over 35 years we've been providing Canterbury residents everything from deep well bores for farming to spa pool pumps at home. Each system uses leading technology and is custom-designed just for you.

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Installed in deep wells or bores, submersible pumps can be used for irrigation on properties and operations of all sizes.

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Essentially the heartbeat of an effluent system, we understand the importance of a quality effluent pump. We install a wide range of quality pumps depending on your needs, recommending products and solutions that ensure your success.

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An increasingly cost-effective option, solar systems are designed to handle harsh conditions and their maintenance costs are significantly cheaper than traditional windmills.

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Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity of your equipment. Keeping up to date with servicing now is the easiest way to protect your investment.

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Dairy Shed

We can custom-design and install solutions for water reticulation in new dairy sheds, as well as servicing and maintenance for existing ones.

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