Solar Pumps

The price of solar pumping is falling in line with the reduction in price of solar panels, making the option of solar more cost effective...

Solar Pump Features

Solar pumping is not just a solution for remote areas where electricity connections are uneconomic. More and more farmers are replacing the iconic windmill with solar. Windmills need to be maintained and have higher risks involving workplace health and safety. Replacement costs for windmills are now quite high, so solar is definitely worth considering.

Solar systems which are designed to handle the harsh conditions. They are widely used throughout the country and Think Water can design, install and service these systems to suit your operational requirements. We have variable-speed pumps that are easy to install, have virtually no maintenance and are highly-efficient pumping. They also have maximum power point tracking, a wide voltage range and overload protection.


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Solar Pumps Product Range

Grundfos offers submersible, surface mount and floating renewable pumping solutions for a range of applications in rural or remote areas including stock watering, irrigation and agricultural water supply and transfer.

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